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  • 22 year experience of ITT
  • 6th place in Ukraine by assets of not venture CII in management
  • 9 funds and NPF My pension
  • above 1,8 billion UAH under management


Nowadays every investor has a number of instruments that guarantee saving and increase of his funds, but that is you to choose the most efficient and optimal way! ITT-Management highly qualified team of professionals has got great experience concerning clients’ funds management since 1996. During the privatization process ITT established and managed first mutual funds - three ITT divested funds with high IRR generated and payed off to its investors. Now ITT-Management manages one investor funds, which success proves efficiency of our investment strategies.

We offer you a unique opportunity to augment your assets using individual approach, special strategy and innovative solutions for cash flow optimization and double taxation avoidance.
For those who are ready to invest considerable funds ITT offers single shareholders funds.

Asset management activity is carried out by asset management companies relying on the appropriate agreement on management of assets in the property of investors. In other words investment funds of ITT-Management accumulate investors’ funds and invest them in securities, deposits and other assets in order to gain profit and growth in assets’ value. Thus the company creates the portfolio that is to meet client’s requirements concerning expected rate of return, market risk and other conditions.
Investment portfolio is the number of objects of the real and financial investing for conducting investment activity subject to selected strategy.
The main aim of investment portfolio construction is implementation of financial investment policy by means of the most profitable and safe financial instruments. For this reason specialists of ІТТ-Management are constantly studying and analyzing financial market conditions in order to make accurate investment decisions, managing fund’s asset portfolio effectively.

Why to invest with ITT-Management?

  • It is reliable… Your money is in safe hands of our professional team, your rights are protected by the Law of Ukraine «On the institutes of mutual investment», National commission for securities and stock market, auditor and custodian of fund’s assets.
  • It is profitable… Your profitability is not fixed and depends on the fund’s growth rate, which in turn depends on professionalism of ITT-Management that has huge experience of market performance, and also on the market environment that is constantly improving. Besides, profitability is achieved as a result of avoidance of intermediate taxation due to the stimuling tax legislation in the country.
  • It is convenient... Due to easiness and lower expenses during investing, you save money, time and administrative resources of your company, as since now ІТТ-Management asset management company will work for the sake of profit of every investor.
  • It is less risky... The large volumes of accumulated funds give the opportunity to diversify investment portfolio by means of funds allocation within a wide range of different assets and minimize all possible risks. Moreover, you do not choose an investment fund with a certain strategy and investors who may have different vision from yours, your Funds offers you a special strategy specially worked out for you in order to get high returns with minimum risks.
  • It is comfortable… It is always comfortable to work with professionals who work in accordance with international principles of business, conduct open and transparent activity, state your interests as the most important.