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  • 22 year experience of ITT
  • 2nd place at the market of Ukraine (under NAV) among public AMC
  • above 1,8 bln. UAH under management
  • 9 funds and NPF My pension

My pension

ITT Group established a pension fund, tending to supplement a line of its own funds with a tool which is all-powerful investment factor in the world. As a matter of fact, non-governmental pension funds represent social protection, which has become the driving force of economic growth of countries, in which they invest, by virtue of a broad base of investors and "long-term money". Therefore, "My pension"  is a fund in which we see our future.

In 2010, ITT consolidated assets of non-governmental pension fund with Profit open non-governmental pension fund; as a consequence, assets of My pension NGPF went up to 1.4 million UAH.

To participate in My pension NGPF  a potential depositor-legal entity should take the following steps:

  • owner of an enterprise (body authorized by owner) should make a decision on the participation of the enterprise in My pension NGPF  as a depositor;
  • determine the conditions of participation of certain categories of workers in private pension provision;
  • select one or more pension schemes that will be used by depositor for pension provision of his employees;
  • make (if necessary) the appropriate changes to the collective agreement signed by the enterprise management and the staff;
  • conclude a pension contract with My pension NGPF  represented by the administrator;
  • transfer  pension tax for their employees under the conditions and terms defined by pension contract.

To participate in My pension NGPF  a potential depositor-real person should take the following steps:

  • choose a pension scheme;
  • enter into a contract with My pension NGPF;
  • transfer pension tax for their own benefit or for the benefit of family members (first degree of kinship) under the conditions and terms defined by pension contract.

NAV: 1549592.65
NV of PDU 1.18