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  • 20 year experience of ITT
  • 2nd place at the market of Ukraine (under NAV) among public AMC
  • above 800 mln. UAH under management
  • 9 funds and NPF My pension
Number and date of registration
№ 132831 as of Nov. 8th, 2007
Basic currency
Stated issuance
201 000 000,00
Nominal share value
Minimal quantity of shares for purchase
each 5 years*
Estimated returns for 5 years
Reward for fund management
2% of average annual NAV
* Redemption is conducted by IC ITT-Invest PrJSC (lic. series АВ № 534106 as of June 15th, 2010)
**Provided returns are not guaranteed

ІТТ-Real Estate

Corporate investment fund of non-diversified kind close-end type ITT-Real Estate PJSC 
is a new tool for investing,  focused on investors who are willing to invest into real estate market not directly in a particular object, but in a balanced and diversified portfolio, minimizing their risks and increasing the  income from investments. The fund provides an opportunity to invest in large commercial real estate projects that can be unavailable for investor having little resources.

The purpose of the ITT-Real Estate fund is to increase shareholders’ income through transactions with a wide range of investment instruments allowed by the legislation of Ukraine.
The fund strategy is to build such a portfolio of investments that will provide a maximum return at low risks by investing directly in promising and profitable real estate projects, securities and corporate rights of Ukrainian and foreign issuers who are directly or indirectly related to the construction and operation of profitable real estate.
Highly professional team of ITT-Real Estate consists of specialists in the field of analytics, concept development, marketing, advertising, brokerage, architecture, law, evaluating and selling of real estate, construction and technical supervision, who are working effectively to achieve results and implement successful projects, that is why we are able not only to choose an object for investments but also achieve maximum profitability by managing it.

Income of fund is provided by:

  • increase of the value of assets (real estate), in which funds are invested;
  • through participation in project construction;
  • the lease and management of commercial projects, in which funds are invested;
  • increase of the value of securities purchased by the fund.

Working with investors the company is focused on long-term outlook and mutually beneficial cooperation. Most of the company’s projects are implemented on its own land lots, but consciously following the principle of individual approach to every potential customer, we are interested in cooperation with investors as well as owners of land plots or real estate projects. We provide opportunity for investor to join the project at each stage of its development.

NAV: 28114540.29 uah
NAV per 1 share 730.30 uah