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  • 22 year experience of ITT
  • 2nd place at the market of Ukraine (under NAV) among public AMC
  • above 1,8 bln. UAH under management
  • 9 funds and NPF My pension


Number and date of registration
№ 132829 as of Nov.8th, 2007
Basic currency
Stated issuance
251 000 000,00
Nominal share value
Minimal quantity of shares for purchase
once a year*
Estimated return for 5 years
30 % per annum**
Reward for fund management
2 % of average annual NAV
Code of PFTS
* Redemption is conducted by IC ITT-Invest PrJSC (license series АВ № 534106 as of June 15th, 2010)
**Provided returns are not guaranteed

Corporate investment fund of non-diversified kind close-end type ITT-Capital ІІ PJSC defined the purpose of its activity the maximization of the returns of share-holders by means of transactions with a wide range of investment instruments, stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation, mainly – with stocks of Ukrainian or foreign issuers, which value has significant potential of growth in the intermediate perspective.
The strategy of fund lies in investment in shares of Ukrainian and foreign issuers as in short-term and intermediate perspective (2008 - 2012) they are considered to be the most promising segment, concerning risk/yield ratio. Even so funds’ portfolio will be diversified by both - industries and individual issuers within the industries.

Risk management, connected with fund’s performance, is provided by means of maximum diversification of portfolio, detailed studying of market environment and adequate response to its changes. The decision of investment committee of Investment group ITT also added several additional restrictions for the assets of the fund.

Offers. Taking into account long-run term of the fund’s operation, licensed trader in securities IC ITT-Invest PrJSC (license series АВ #534106 as of June 15th, 2010) in case of investor’s request at the time of his fund’s shares purchasing can make with him the deal of reverse purchasing of these shares, the terms of which will be discussed additionally with individual approach to each potential Shareholder. Besides IC ITT-Invest PrJSC provides liquidity of fund’s shares by means of everyday maintenance of two-way quotations at the stock exchange PFTS (IFITTP).


NAV: 802731.25 uah
NAV per 1 share 271.84 uah
Returns of ITT-Capital II
Highest positions
as of 26.04.2013

Portfolio structure by industries
as of 26.04.2013

Portfolio structure
as of 26.04.2013